Friday, May 11, 2007

Chana marches, Fudge dances (belated Lag B'Omer post)

Chana was astounded to see so many Jews in one place at one time at New York City's annual Salute to Israel Parade last Sunday.

Fudge found herself in the mood for a Lag B'Omer strum-and-sing-a-long and a little dancing, much to her pleasant surprise.

Eventually, when they're finished torturing me with this major project at the office, I'll get around to blogging about the Israel Day Concert in Central Park that started toward the end of the parade. Kosher Dilz (spelling?) rapped about something Jewish--as is usual with me and rap, I couldn't understand most of the words. Yosi Piamenta sent the next generation of family guitar genii, his son Yehuda, to lead the Piamentas. What an incredible band! (So help me, the drummer didn't look much more than 16 years old. Probably another member of the family.) Chaim Kiss, Dr. Meyer Abittan (subbing for his son Baruch, who performed last year), and Hazzan Moshe Tessone (with a son in tow) each performed one song. Shloime Dachs, whose band was the back-up for a good part of the concert, performed several songs. (He's a bit too slick for my personal taste--I think he's what MOChassid would describe as a "shiny shoe" singer--but I still got some good dancin' in.) Gershon Veroba, Shlomo Katz, the American band Pey Dalid and the Israeli band Yood each performed three songs, as I recollect, and I enjoyed them thoroughly. (The organizers really bring out the best for this bash. Last year, we got there too late, and just missed the brilliantly eccentric Israeli rock musician Aron Razel. Bummer.) Having managed to snag a great spot right along the security barrier behind the VIP seats, I spent the entire concert leaning on the barrier and dancing Hillel-style (on one foot), more or less, putting most of my weight on my right foot, as the left one still has that inflammation at the surgical site. The Punster had a jolly good time, as well, while I was dancing the day away.

You just can't stop a dancin' dame
If she starts to feel a little pain
She makes a dancer's barre of her trusty cane
And starts a-dancin' all over again. :)


Blogger Elie said...

Meyer Abittan - now there's a name from my past! We became good friends during his one year at YU (1978-79). We stayed in touch over the next few years and his band performed at my wedding in 1985. Weve lost touch since then, sadly.

Fri May 11, 03:10:00 PM 2007  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

Elie, is this a variation on what I've heard described as "Jewish geography?" If I blog long enough, will I be connected to half the Jewish community through the proverbial six degrees of separation? :)

Tue May 15, 08:11:00 AM 2007  

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